Adult Cognitive and Emotional Development (ACED) Lab

Directed by Dr. Lisa Emery, this lab examines cognitive and emotional development across adulthood, with a particular emphasis on how these factors work together to shape memories from our past.

 Students from the ACED lab presented their research at the Cognitive Aging Conference in Atlanta, April 2014


Research on the psychology of aging is particularly important at this time in our history, as improvements in health and hygiene have led to an increase in the proportion of people living into old age throughout the world.

Research in the ACED lab investigates the psychological gains and losses people experience as they grow older through adulthood. Just as infants gain the ability to speak their native language while losing the ability to produce the sounds of other languages, development through adulthood includes a combination of growth and decline. Our research, therefore, focuses on how improvements in the experience and control of emotion interact with declines in basic cognitive control functions to influence how we think and remember.


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