Sibling Study

The purpose of this study was to examine the development of eating behavior from the perspective of multiple family members. We have collected data from families that included two parents and two sibling children. The following publication resulted from this research.

 *Pulley, C., Galloway, A. T., Webb, R. M., *Payne, L. O. (2014). Parental child feeding practices: How do perceptions of mother, father, sibling, and self vary? Appetite, 80, 96-102. doi:10.1016/j.appet.2014.05.001

 *Horn, M. G., Galloway, A. T., Webb, R. M., & Gagnon, S. G. (2011). The role of child temperament in parental child feeding practices and attitudes using a sibling design. Appetite, 57, 510-516.

*Payne, L. O., Galloway, A. T., & Webb, R. M. (2011). “May I have a cookie, too?’’ Relationships between maternal feeding practices and child weight in siblings. International Journal of Pediatric Obesity, 6, e540-6.

* Denotes student co-author