Retrospective Study

In this study we collaborated with British researcher Dr. Claire Farrow to investigate college students' and their parents recollections about early and current eating behavior and child feeding practices used by parents. We collected data from college students at Appalachian State and at Loughborough University in the U.K.

For his master’s thesis, Jordan Ellis used the Retrospective data to explore retrospective accounts of childhood picky eating and parental pressure to eat, and their relationships with intuitive eating and disordered eating behavior in college students. Results from the study indicated that parental pressure in childhood is a significant predictor of lower intuitive eating and higher levels of disordered eating behaviors associated with bulimia nervosa in college students. These findings support previous research that parental pressure may disrupt adaptive internal eating control associated with low intuitive eating and disordered eating behaviors. Jordan’s thesis entitled, “Recollected pressure to eat in childhood predicts college student eating behaviors” was successfully defended in December 2014, and he and Dr. Galloway are currently preparing the manuscript to be submitted for publication.

Galloway, A. T., Farrow, C. V., & Martz, D. M. (2010). Retrospective reports of child feeding practices, current eating behaviors, and body mass index in college students. Obesity, 18, 1330-1335. doi:10.1038/oby.2009.393

*Ellis, J. (2014). Recollected pressure to eat in childhood predicts college student eating behaviors. Graduate Thesis.

* Denotes student co-author