Welcome to the Aging, Growth, and Experience Labs (AGE Labs)! We are part of the Department of Psychology at Appalachian State University. The AGE Labs are run by several faculty members, and we study a variety of questions related to how people develop across the lifespan. Some of our research questions include:

  • How do children’s food preferences develop? Why are some kids so picky? (Dr. Amy Galloway)
  • How do children and adolescents evaluate their treatment by authority figures? (Dr. Twila Wingrove)
  • Are there any positive or negative repercussions of playing video games? (Dr. Mary Ballard)
  • What factors help protect against memory decline as we age? (Dr. Lisa Emery)

We are grateful to the many families and students who have participated in our research. Their generously donated time has contributed significantly to our knowledge about important developmental issues. Please take some time to explore our website, and contact us if you have any questions or would like to get involved. You can find out more about what participation would entail on our FAQ page.

You can learn more about our current studies and their results by reading our newsletter.

Where are we located?

AGElabs is now located in University Hall. 

The building is located off of US 321 behind Staples. The street address for University Hall is 400 University Hall Drive.

Our testing rooms are located on the first floor. If you are coming to AGElabs for a research study, we will meet you in the lobby to show you to the rooms.

Our offices are located on the second floor. If you have an appointment with the AGElabs director, come to room 221.

Questions about our location? You may either contact our general AGELabs email, or Dr. Emery at